Design (Sound) – Kahra Scott-James


Kahra has been involved in the media, arts and entertainment industries covering a broad range of mediums and roles within production, and project management.  Since 1997 she has specialized in audio production with a specific focus on sound design, and post-production.  Professional experience includes working in soundtrack design for 3D interactive movie creators Brilliant Digital Entertainment (USA/Australia – Warner Brothers/DC Comics), content management (online and video to mobile phones), technical/teaching support (audio, video, film), live events, advertising, and management of an audio post-production studio for several years.   She has also lectured in film, video, animation, and games sound design.

Screen credits range from short films to features, interactive movies, television series, animation, commercials, corporate videos, documentary, theatre, and PC/iPod games.  Her soundtrack work has been screened in a number of international festivals, with film and television awards from Denmark, Singapore, Korea, NZ, Canada, USA, and Germany…


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